Enabling the transition to data-driven maintenance

Do you know what the optimal time between window washes is?

Heimdall Sensor Intelligence is a modern start-up with a focus on the sensors of the future. Through sensors developed by HSI, the state of a building envelope can be monitored in real-time. Our predictive maintenance models predict when threshold values are reached and provide recommendations for washing frequencies.

A data-driven approach to your maintenance has many advantages

Cost Savings

By being selective in window washing and only washing when necessary, you can save significantly. During our pilots, these savings have reached as much as 30%!

Quality Assurance

In our online dashboard, you can set target degradation values. Our algorithms predict when these will be reached, and if chosen, automatically engage a window cleaning company.


By washing only when it is really necessary, you can save saves finite resources. This is good for people and the environment! It can also help obtain a better BREEAM classification for your building.

HSI consists of a diverse team of material experts

Co-Founder and CEO

Jeroen Sassen

With an ardent passion for business administration, Jeroen works on the strategic side of the business, contacting clients and receiving signals from the market.

Jeroen has completed a master's degree in Operations, Management & Logistics at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is been busy with various committees including the organization of the 37th Industria Congress. Furthermore, he wrote forecasting models for one of the top 100 food producers in the world and managed a team of 9 students where he took on the role of project leader. Within HSI, Jeroen is responsible for ensuring continuity and is busy making HSI as scalable as possible.
Co-Founder and CTO

Joris Dalderup

With extensive experience in both hardware and software, Joris knows how to optimally align both domains!

Besides obtaining his double masters: Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, Joris is also team captain of PR^4 where, together with a group of students for ESA, he is looking at a measurement device to locate rockets at an altitude of 100km with centimeters of accuracy. Within HSI Joris is involved in the development of the sensors and all associated analysis algorithms.
Co-Founder and CLO

Gijs Derks

Gijs works with a great deal of analytical experience on the algorithms and methods behind HSI, converting the data into valuable insights for your business.

Gijs is currently working on his Phd at Differ where he started after completing his double master's degree in Systems and Control and Nuclear Fusion at Eindhoven University of Technology. Here he is researching nuclear fusion. Therefore, Gijs has decided to take a small step back within HSI. Nevertheless, he is super enthusiastic about the product and its possible applications. The current challenge Gijs is working on is the patent application that is being written about our unique measurement method for window pollution.

Enough talk, let's understand the state of your building envelope!